Island Beach State Park


Hey Blog, it's been a while! One of these days I'll treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

Until then, here are some shots a I grabbed on a recent adventure to Island Beach State Park with fellow photographer and anti-blogger Tim Kauger. 

Peace Tea Ukulele


I've got to say this -- I've never been happier to own a smart phone. Thanks to the fine folks at Peace Tea and my trusty iPhone, what started as a day trip with Caity ended with a free Ukulele and a care package from a major brand!

Ring Around the Sun


If you're anything like me, your Facebook feed was flooded with images of this mysterious halo around the sun. Well, being the type of person that I am, of course I needed to:

  1. Photograph it
  2. Learn all that I could about what made it happen

Silversun Pickups and Bad Books, 5/5/13

2022-09-14T22:22:57-04:0005/08/2013|Event Photography, Photography|

Washington, D.C.-based music blog All Things Go was gracious enough to invite me to photograph Bad Books at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ. (Thanks again, Jared!) All "Cinco de Drinko" jokes aside (if it's going to have a stupid nickname, shouldn't it at least be "Drinko de Mayo"? Who do I talk to about changing that?), the band put on a great show, complete with faux-Counting Crows covers and plenty of witty banter. Bad Books, a side project of Manchester Orchestra and solo act Kevin Devine, were invited to support Silversun Pickups on a US tour.

Red House Roasters, Real New Jersey Coffee


If you like great coffee, appreciate hard-working small businesses, or just want to support a good cause, buy a bag of coffee from Red House Roasters in Union City, NJ. These guys travel the world to find new, exotic flavors from farms that respect their workers, utilize natural farming methods, and above all, have prime coffee beans.

Game Boy Portraits — Now Available from Dan Schenker Photography

2013-04-01T14:09:22-04:0004/01/2013|Dan Schenker, Humor|

Is there a sweeter smell than that of nostalgia? Introducing the latest toy in my photographic arsenal, the Game Boy Camera! That's right, folks -- these 256x224 pixel head shots will be the talk of the town! Black-and-white is all the rage right now in the low-end photo market, so snap yours up now before my Game Boy Printer runs out of stickers to print them on.


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