Unique Photo Carves Photography-Themed Pumpkins


Have you noticed a horrendous lack of photographic pumpkins out there? No, not pumpkin cameras. I mean pumpkins carved by photographers, for photographers. There are a few bobbing around the vast sea of the Internet, but seriously…With the amount of photographers in the world [Completely unfounded "fact": 2 in 1 people are photographers], why are there no carvings of cameras, camera brands, camera phones, or even just something remotely related to photography? That’s where we come in. The diligent staff here at Unique Photo took it upon themselves to change the Internet forever with a brief series of pumpkin carvings that accurately fill that oh-so-empty void. Halloween isn’t just for kids… Photographers are people too, you know! Below are just some of the carvings that our staff creatives have come up with: