Five Day Photo Challenge: Day 5


“Wait, wasn’t that the goal all along? What have you been making us do these past five days? I want my money back!” That’s what I envision you saying when you read today’s challenge. First of all, if you paid anything to participate in this challenge, someone is ripping you off. I certainly couldn’t charge for something like this. Secondly, yes, the purpose of this challenge was to make you experiment with your photography, to practice creativity, and to have a fun (long) weekend project to do. But today’s challenge employs the previous four to a certain extent. Isn’t there one style of photography you’ve been itching to try but never got around to learning the basics of it? Macro, maybe, or camera toss? Today is your day to sit yourself down and learn.

Five Day Photo Challenge: Day 4


Let me make this very clear: Tone is one of the most important factors of your photos. It could make your wedding photos look beautiful and angelic or dark and ominous. Granted, tone is one more creative outlet that will vary between every single photographer, but that’s the fun part! And therein lies today’s challenge. Now, for the rules:

Five Day Photo Challenge: Day 3


Let me guess: You’re an established portrait photographer who’s been working with the top celebrities in Hollywood. Or are you the one that’s been all around the world twenty times shooting the most exotic locations virtually unknown to man? Today, neither of those qualifications matter, or in layman’s terms, I don’t care! Today, your challenge is to break free from your norm. Similarly to Day 1, you need to take whatever you’re used to and stomp all over it. So, if you’re that awesome celebrity star-tographer, your assignment is to shoot a beautiful landscape. And you, Mr. and Mrs. Jetsetter, should take on a still life. Maybe ask your pet to pose for you or something.

Five Day Photo Challenge: Day 2


As a photographer, or any type of artist for that matter, networking is key. Sure, your photos need to be spectacular, but if you don’t know any like-minded people, it’s going to be pretty difficult to focus on your artwork. By surrounding yourself with other photographers, painters, musicians, and creatives in general, your mind is constantly stimulated to create. “Create” is defined as “to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention,” and without knowing any imaginative people, your product and your passion will suffer.

Five Day Photo Challenge: Day 1


Many of us are set in our ways when it comes to photography. If you can name five go-to places you always shoot, then you’re just like me and many people that I know, so today’s challenge is to dig a little deeper. That’s right — You need to get up, find your comfort zone, then jump outside of it. Luckily for you, it doesn’t need to be all that complicated. Here are some suggestions:


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