Preset Dudes is an idea cooked up by two friends who were tired of seeing the same, rehashed versions of Lightroom presets available on every preset marketplace. Aimed at lowering the barrier for entry and catering specifically to Lightroom Mobile, presets created by Preset Dudes are carefully crafted by two experienced photographers for the everyday cellphone camera enthusiast.

Our mission is to share our presets with the world, and make them accessible by pricing them fairly and keeping them simple. We believe that a good preset will put an exclamation mark on an image, not rewrite its entire message. Anyone can set each adjustment slider to 11 and call it a day. We invest our time in carefully crafting these presets not just for you, but for us.

Preset Dudes is a collaboration between Tim Kauger and Dan Schenker.

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"Murk" preset by Preset Dudes. Photo by Tim Kauger.

Free Preset


This one’s on us! The Charlotte Preset was designed to be used for general portraits. It brightens and warms up photos subtly, making those selfies really pop without being too in your face (pun intended?).

Remember, this can be installed 100% for free in the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app (iOS/Android). You won’t need an Adobe subscription to use it.

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How to Install Presets on Adobe Lightroom Mobile CC

We get it: You’re not a photographer. “Hashtag no filter.” Or maybe you are, but you’re not sure how to install presets on Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile. It’s cool… We’re the kind of dudes who won’t tell your friends that you’re a total noob. But before we start, there’s something important to know:

You don’t need a Lightroom subscription to use mobile presets created by Preset Dudes: We designed these to be completely, 100% mobile-compatible, and they can be installed right on your phone or tablet in the free Lightroom Mobile CC app. Yeah… we think that’s pretty awesome, too.


Now that you purchased your presets, you should have received an email pretty quickly from whichever store you bought them from. In that email will be links to your individual presets preset pack. Click the link in your email, then choose download on the next screen.


iPhones don’t natively have a way to open a DNG file, so clicking “Download” will open a menu with options on what you can do with it. Look for “Copy to Lightroom CC” in the top area. You may need to scroll further down the list to find it. Clicking this will immediately open a sample image in your Lightroom app. Then in Lightroom, in the bottom menu bar, swipe all the way to the right and click the “Presets” button.


If you followed the first two steps correctly, you’ll see an icon with three dots in the upper lefthand corner of your app. Click it, then choose “Create Preset”. Name it what we named it (so we can offer support if something is wrong, or so you can share your results with us if you love it), don’t worry about any of the other settings, then click the check mark in the upper right corner.


You did it! We’d love to see what you create, so please tag us @presetdudes on all social networks, or use #presetdudes. Make sure your posts are public so we can see them!