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Art Inhuman is a collaborative effort between AI (Artificial Intelligence) artist Dan Schenker and writer Matt Horowitz (TheWitzard.com, NOECHO.net, IDIOTEQ.com, and more). Dan takes band names, lyrics, and song names and, with the help of an AI, manipulates them into what he feels best represents them visually. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming addition to this series, tweet Matt @sharpchedder856 and Dan @heydanschenker and tag the band you’d like us to feature next.

Horror Punk is a genre that I don’t have much experience with, but The Misfits will always be legendary to me. Aside from their iconic branding, they’re quite local to me, with Jerry Only coaching baseball just a town away from where I currently live. Their old manager and I have crossed paths a number of times, and their album of classic rock and roll covers is still one of my favorites to this day. So when Matt told me that he was able to secure legendary Misfits photographer (and bassist/drummer for Danzig and Samhain) Eerie Von to write an original piece for this Art Inhuman collection, I was floored! As a bassist and photographer myself, having Eerie contribute his thoughts to the project meant that much more to me.

All three bands are closely related thanks to Glenn Danzig, so they all maintained a pretty consistent theme when generating images via AI. But this is arguably one of my most spooky (and most favorite) collections so far.

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Date Published: October 25, 2022

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