About this project

Art Inhuman is a collaborative effort between AI (Artificial Intelligence) artist Dan Schenker and writer Matt Horowitz (TheWitzard.com, NOECHO.net, IDIOTEQ.com, and more). Dan takes band names, lyrics, and song names and, with the help of an AI, manipulates them into what he feels best represents them visually. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming addition to this series, tweet Matt @sharpchedder856 and Dan @heydanschenker and tag the band you’d like us to feature next.

The interrupters have easily been one of my favorite bands for the last few years now, consistently appearing at the top of my Spotify Wrapped lists year after year. Aimee (Allen) Interrupter’s growling vocals and easily-memorable lyrics paired with the Bivona brothers’ immaculate instrumental hooks is the perfect formula to scratch a particular itch for me. So it was no question to “officially” kickstart the Art Inhuman series featuring The Interrupters.

This collection features AI-generated images created using prompts inspired by the the band’s latest album release, “In The Wild”.

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Date Published: August 7, 2022