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On any given day, you might find me editing photos from a wedding, flying a drone above a business, and helping hundreds of millions of people on TikTok answer important questions like “What Bagel Are You?” with custom-built AR filters.

Creative strategy isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of service. Let’s work together to find bold, innovative new ways to engage your audience.

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Lizz and Mark’s Fantasy Wedding in Sparta NJ

02/28/2020|Event Photography|

Two truly interesting people made the very end of 2019 that much more memorable by getting married at Mohawk House in Sparta, NJ. The bride, Lizz, is a theater nerd (in the absolute best way) and a bona fide world traveler, having lived basically everywhere you can think of. Her now husband, Mark, is an Eagle Scout and, probably just as impressively (maybe), a fan like myself of all-things comic book movies.

Caitlin and Kevin’s Backyard Branchville Wedding

10/03/2019|Event Photography|

If one moment can define Cait’s personality, it’s the moment that someone spilled a bright red, homebrew, cherry ale on her wedding dress... while we were walking to go take her portraits as a new bride.

If you gasped when you read that, you’re sharing the reaction that I and everybody else had seeing it live…

Bea’s 100th Birthday Party

06/22/2019|Event Photography|

Meet Beatrice Gillar, or Bea to you. Bea and her family celebrated her birthday at McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange, NJ, just a short walk from the Turtle Back Zoo. You might know Bea as a published songwriter, a college graduate, trumpet player, mom, a grandmother, an aunt, cousin, friend, and now a centenarian.

This Sketchy App Converts B&W Photos to Color


I'll be honest: I full expected to download a virus when I found the Deep Color app on iOS. It was from an unknown developer, had no ratings, and I've always seen the inside of my head from rolling my eyes so hard at services that claim to "convert" black and white photos to color.

As I downloaded it, I thought to myself, "Cool, I'll get a new phone when this one inevitably gets fried or hacked." Then upon opening it, the app prompted me that it needed to download... something but didn't say what. "Cool," I thought again, "load that malware right on in."

George Sella Jr.’s 90th Birthday Party

11/10/2018|Event Photography|

CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Trustee Emeritus of Fairleigh Dickinson University. Captain of the Princeton football team, subject of a NY Times article, husband, father, grandfather… George Sella Jr.’s list of accomplishments seems endless.

Master of None

An expert at not being an expert.

Dan is a lot of things—a strategist, photographer, drone pilot, Google Trusted Photographer, creator of AR effects, AI Artist, photo editing preset maker, time traveler, occasional bassist, and he can make an omelette pretty well.

He has contributed to companies like Google, TikTok, Squarespace, Bose, iRobot, Order Desk, and NJspots, and has consulted teams at Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Dan lives in Sussex County, New Jersey, where his wife and two kids politely put up with his absolutely unnecessary amount of puns and dad jokes and his seemingly endless collection of hobbies.

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