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Brands and creators are flocking to TikTok to tap into the app’s 50 million plus active daily user base. And with TikTok’s creative positioning and promotion of its effects tray and gallery, TikTok Effects (as they refer to them) are more popular than ever. Take it from me—videos using my What Bagel Are You? filter accrued over 9 million likes and 65 million views in the first 4 weeks that it was available on TikTok.

Videos using the TikTok filters that I have published have generated…

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Updated October 2023

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What Kind of TikTok Filters Can I Make?

Basic Text or Image TikTok Filter

Let your fans make videos that include your brand slogan or logo, motto, or catchphrase on the screen. The text will appear in the same place in every video with an effect like this.

Photo Filter TikTok Filter

If your brand has a certain “vibe”, let your fans emulate it with a photo filter that they can add to their videos. Each video that they create using your signature look will display the effect name right along with it.

Head Tracking TikTok Filter

Now it’s getting fun! Attach an image to the user’s face or forehead. Some use cases would be a custom mask, a simple billboard, or a sticker on the cheek.

Randomizer TikTok Filter

You’ve seen them everywhere. What ice cream are you? Who is your celebrity hand twin? Who let the dogs out? Some practical use cases are to include products that your business sells, quotes from the books that you author, your most popular Twitch emotes, and so many more.

3D Object TikTok Filter

Give TikTokers something to do! By adding a 3D object to an effect, you’re practically ensuring that its users will find something fun or clever to do with it (and it’s often different from your original intentions!)

Let’s Have Some Fun

Have something in mind? So far, these are just the basics, pulled from some of the most popular effects on TikTok. Let’s work together to strategize what might be the best approach to represent your brand in a fresh, creative, engaging way.

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