Safety Check for Hurricane Matthew

2022-09-14T22:08:51-04:0010/07/2016|Social Media|

Hurricane Matthew is no joke. This is the country's biggest natural disaster in years, and as it begins to make landfall in the US after it decimated homes and other structures in Haiti and the Bahamas, I wanted to highlight a possibly little-known Facebook feature that will help you keep in touch with your loved ones.

How To Get All of Your Wedding Photos

2015-06-01T01:56:32-04:0006/01/2015|Social Media|

Congrats — You're getting married! You hired an amazing photographer, sure, but don't you want to be able to see the photos that your friends are taking while you're schmoozing with with your family? Thanks to the internet and a few minutes of prep work, you can! Here's what you'll need:

FREE BOOK! Social Media Boot Camp: How Not To Suck At Social Media

2014-10-01T18:47:30-04:0010/01/2014|Social Media|

I finally did it! I took my Social Media Boot Camp blog series from and repurposed it into a fully-fledged, easily-digestible e-book! Within its "pages," you'll find seven simple steps to garnering more interaction across your social feeds, growing your following, and cultivating the community you already have.

If you have a small business and you're not on social media, all you're doing is hurting yourself by not managing your online presence. Global online sales are expected to hit $1.5 trillion this year alone, and even if you're not selling your products online, you need to sell your business. 

Facebook Introduces Embeddable Posts

2013-08-22T17:34:46-04:0008/22/2013|Social Media|

Facebook now allows users to like, comment, and share from anywhere on the web. As long as custom code is accepted (like on your website, Tumblr, etc.), you'll be able to reach potential new fans without paying for Facebook advertising.


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