Lester Schenker: Man of the Year

2022-09-14T19:43:50-04:0003/30/2017|Event Photography, Photography|

My paternal grandfather was presented this month with the highest honor of his temple, Man of the Year, at a stately ceremony in Brooklyn, NY. Les Schenker, or Poppa as I know him, was lauded by long-time friends and family, with pleasantries and wisecracks, both of which he was acknowledged to be known for as well.

Kids Camp 2016 at Transformation Church

2022-09-14T22:14:27-04:0007/20/2016|Event Photography, Photography|

I got to spend my day off traveling back in time to the old west for Transformation Church's annual Kids Camp. This volunteer-run event invited kids from age 4 through 6th graders to come play, craft, dance, and adventure in the old west... well, the old west on the TC campus!

(Note, this page may see increased load times due to the amount of photos. Patience is appreciated!)

Mother’s Day at Transformation Church

2016-05-11T00:45:27-04:0005/11/2016|Event Photography, Photography|

If I didn't already say it to you, Happy Mother's Day! We all acknowledge the day differently, from the "conventional" families to the single moms or dads that pull double duty, it's important to still take the day to recognize the people that we consider our moms.

I was asked by Lead Pastor Joseph Nieves to bring my camera along to capture a special service just for the moms of the world at Transformation Church in Middletown, NY. Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Chuck & Channey

2015-05-22T02:37:22-04:0005/22/2015|Event Photography, Photography|

Chuck and Channey invited me down to the deep south (Jersey, of course) to celebrate their wedding day with them. From little Kylie helping Chuck with his first look to having almost the entire Historic Smithville Park to ourselves, I couldn't be luckier to have spent the day with these great people and their families.

The Dempsey Family Baptism

2014-05-12T21:33:05-04:0005/12/2014|Event Photography, Photography|

Recently, I was invited to capture the baptism of the newest Dempsey, who we'll call "Baby Dempsey" for the sake of the family's privacy. I made to the Trinity Lutheran Church, a quaint building in the Bay Ridge neighborhood in Brooklyn, early on a perfect Sunday morning to meet the Dempsey family -- even Sarah's parents who flew all the way out from Washington State for the event! Pastor Wade Miller performed the baptism, and he was incredibly welcoming to my camera and I.

It Works Global “One Team One Mission” in Whippany, NJ

2014-03-20T23:50:58-04:0003/20/2014|Event Photography, Photography|

Holy cow. If you've never been in a room with 300 crazy, excited people before, then I'd suggest getting to one of these events as quickly as possible.

Kim Haber -- a Presidential Diamond leader with It Works! Global, a top-earner in the company, and the mother of my lovely fiancé Caity -- hired me to shoot New Jersey's largest-ever It Works! Wrap party. "What's a wrap," you might be saying out loud to yourself (hopefully I didn't embarrass you too much!) Basically, it's a cloth that can be applied anywhere on the body from the neck down, and it tightens, tones, and firms loose skin, but the kicker is that It Works! Global distributors are the only folks in the world who have them! Pretty cool, eh?


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