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RIP Preset Dudes And “Photography” – What’s New At October 2022

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Stop the presses

This may actually be my first actual email being sent to my email list, so if you’re reading this, you’re participating in a really mediocre, niche moment in history. Congrats!

A few small updates

For starters, if you haven’t visited in a while, got a major facelift. I’ve been with the same web host for about ten years, so it was time for a change.

You’ll also notice some new categories and services, and a little less of a “photography” in “Dan Schenker Photography.” While I do still offer photography, I noticed that my services were beginning to skew more toward general creative arts rather than only photography. So on the web, you’ll see just my name up there for now.

Explore the new website

Speaking of creative

I‘m offering a ton of new services, like building TikTok and Instagram filters and effects for brands and organizations, AI artwork (like band album covers), and a lot more.

I’m also accepting referrals for TikTok filters! If you know a company who would like a unique customer engagement tool, please send them my way.

All current TikTok filter offerings

An actual shop

Not just one that I use when people ask me for prints, or one that has photography prints from 10 years ago that no one wanted back then either. I found some great, high-quality suppliers that will be doing my dirty work for me, and I hope you’re happy with everything you come across in there

This shop has some hand-picked, highly curated products that I really love. I plan to cycle things in and out every now and then, so if something catches your eye, I’d encourage you to message me about it or grab it before it’s gone.

Check out the shop

RIP Preset Dudes

While it was a fun venture, Tim and I decided to dissolve Preset Dudes. I’ll continue to offer our preset packs on Etsy and continue to maintain the instructions and the free preset here on my website.

See more Preset Dudes

That’s all for now

If you made it this far, you’re probably my mom looking for typos. Hi mom!

Talk soon (probably in another ten years),

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