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Tyler & Andre’s Summer Wedding at Brook Hollow Winery

If there’s one thing that I want to highlight when I talk about Tyler and Andre, it’s not their low-key demeanors the entire day, or their very obvious, deep love for one another, but instead, their creatively-named wedding party. What do you call a wedding party that has barely any men (the bridal party?) and no bride (groomsme—wait, no…)?

Why, The Groomies of course!

The Grooms and their Groomies™ couldn’t have been more in sync all day. From the way one Groomie took Andre’s phone hostage so he didn’t have to do any work to the way the grooms wholeheartedly agreed on which music the DJ shouldn’t play (sorry, Swifties), and their perfectly coordinated outfits topped off an already perfect day.

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