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“You Be At Peace” AI Art Selected as Finalist at 2022 Janssen Data + Art Festival

The Data + Art Festival is a one-day event to celebrate data as a medium in art, recognize the importance of art in industry, and break down the barriers of collaboration between data practitioners and artists of all backgrounds.

Encouraged by commenter @dannykushner on Instagram, I was prompted to enter the Janssen Data + Art Festival with a piece that had special significance to me. I was on the phone with a family member when they said their last words to a loved one who had passed away, and their words “you be at peace” resonated with me. I wanted to capture that feeling as artwork, so with the help of Midjourney, I was able to create a series of pieces that were all based off of the same prompt.

While I didn’t take home a win, my piece was chosen as a finalist and was on display in their virtual gallery and in the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, New Jersey for the length of the show.


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