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“You Be At Peace” AI Art Selected as Finalist at 2022 Janssen Data + Art Festival

The Data + Art Festival is a one-day event to celebrate data as a medium in art, recognize the importance of art in industry, and break down the barriers of collaboration between data practitioners and artists of all backgrounds.

Encouraged by commenter @dannykushner on Instagram, I was prompted to enter the Janssen Data + Art Festival with a piece that had special significance to me. I was on the phone with a family member when they said their last words to a loved one who had passed away, and their words “you be at peace” resonated with me. I wanted to capture that feeling as artwork, so with the help of Midjourney, I was able to create a series of pieces that were all based off of the same prompt.

While I didn’t take home a win, my piece was chosen as a finalist and was on display in their virtual gallery and in the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, New Jersey for the length of the show.

Want to see the piece in the virtual gallery? Check it out here.


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