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Lizz and Mark’s Fantasy Wedding in Sparta NJ

Two truly interesting people made the very end of 2019 that much more memorable by getting married at Mohawk House in Sparta, NJ. The bride, Lizz, is a theater nerd (in the absolute best way) and a bona fide world traveler, having lived basically everywhere you can think of. Her now husband, Mark, is an Eagle Scout and, probably just as impressively (maybe), a fan like myself of all-things comic book movies.

So it stands to reason that Lizz and Mark’s wedding would be packed to the brim with references to the things they love the most. The bride sailed into the ceremony to an Elven song, a passage from Lord of the Rings blesses their union, and the maid of honor even introduced herself as Samwise (the best friend and traveling companion to the protagonist in the LotR series).

Getting to watch Lizz lovingly coax Mark’s nerves away throughout the day made me better understand their dynamic, and for any muggles reading this, simply know this: these two people are wonderful on their own, but together, they’re absolutely magical.

Below are some of my favorites from that night, and Lizz and Mark, it was such a pleasure getting to celebrate with you.

PS: shoutout to Mark’s sister who made an appearance literally days after giving birth (I think she was two days out of the hospital). As a parent myself, respect!

Sparta New Jersey Mohawk House Wedding by Dan Schenker Photography-39.jpg