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Caitlin and Kevin’s Backyard Branchville Wedding

If one moment can define Cait’s personality, it’s the moment that someone spilled a bright red, homebrew, cherry ale on her wedding dress… while we were walking to go take her portraits as a new bride.

If you gasped when you read that, you’re sharing the reaction that I and everybody else had seeing it live. Everyone but Cait. Instead, she shrugged it off while her maid of honor took fast action and cleaned everything up.

So, meet Cait: the most chill bride on the planet. Her bridal party laughed when they told me that she was a bridezilla since she’s pretty clearly whatever the opposite of that is.

Kevin on the other hand… you thought I was going to say that he was a terrible groom. Nope! clearly the perfect match, he was just as chill throughout the day, cracking jokes, happily greeting everyone, and letting me bother him with my camera without so much as a frown.

The theme of their wedding, if you couldn’t tell from the title, was homebrew: these two brew their own beer. The venue, a fantastic property that a friend of theirs lives on, was decorated with hops, one of the main ingredients in beer. The bride and groom were each adorned with some, too, and it made its way into family portraits, the wedding signage, and the gift table, too.

The icing on the cake was that the majority of the other vendors there were friends and family like me—Cait and I go back at least ten years now—so ever detail from top to bottom was done with the love and care that only the closest of friends can offer. And I’m so glad Kevin chose Caitlin: for lager or for worse, for richer or for porter, when they’re well or when they ale, until stout do they part.

Cheers to a wonderful marriage of two wonderful people!

Backyard Homebrew Wedding in Branchville NJ by Dan Schenker Photography-39.jpg