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Bea’s 100th Birthday Party

Meet Beatrice Gillar, or Bea to you. Bea and her family celebrated her birthday at McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange, NJ, just a short walk from the Turtle Back Zoo. You might know Bea as a published songwriter, a college graduate, trumpet player, mom, a grandmother, an aunt, cousin, friend, and now a centenarian.

As she put it in the song that she wrote and performed for all her guests, “it’s only a number,” and she certainly proved that. By the end of the party, my feet were sore, but Bea was up dancing and partying more than folks half her age. I barely saw her sit between greeting family with warm smiles and big hugs, throwing her walker aside to dance to the 11-piece band Brass Illusion, and get absolutely taken aback by friends she hasn’t seen in upwards of 35 years.

Bea’s enthusiasm for life was infectious: even the restaurant staff couldn’t help but singing along as the band performed Bea’s most famous song, “But I Say I Love You,” dancing, and smiling the whole time and members of the band would periodically take pictures of their guest of honor having blast.

Click here to watch Bea sing the song she wrote specifically for this party (and much more)!

It was a day full of love, good friends, and great food, and it was an absolutely pleasure to celebrate someone as special as Bea!

Venue: McLoone’s Boathouse
Cake: Palermo’s Cafe & Bakery
Music: Brass Illusion
Photo Booth: Inside Out Booth