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Now You Can Walk Around The Chatterbox Restaurant Forever — Virtual Tour

Sussex County, NJ was rocked when the long-time 50’s-style restaurant The Chatterbox announced that it would be closing for good after Labor Day in 2018 so its owner can enjoy retirement. A staple of The Wanderer’s car club, annual attendees of the NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show, and baseball fans from the stadium across the street, many folks expressed their feelings across social media about the closure.

When I reached out to Don Hall, the owner and employer of many of my friends through high school and college, he was characteristically friendly and accommodating, and when he saw what I was doing while I was there, he seemed genuinely excited about the project.

So now, if it’s a summer Saturday and you’re missing your favorite New Jersey drive-in, you’ll be able to visit the Chatterbox as many times as you want, right from your phone or computer. There’s something bittersweet about seeing a place that accurately preserved and portrayed an entire decade now forever frozen in time on the internet.

I hope this brings back great memories for you! Tweet me to let me know if you enjoyed.