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Heidi and Tucker’s Charming Campground Wedding

When Heidi first reached out to me to inquire about capturing her wedding at Triplebrook Camping Resort, she used three descriptive phrases in particular that I explicitly remember:

“Simple”: They had their ceremony and reception within walking distance of one another.

“Local”: The campground is just over the Warren County border in Northern New Jersey.

and “really laid back”: The bridesmaids wore sundresses and cowboy boots, while the groomsmen were outfitted in flannel and jeans.

These words couldn’t have been more true. Sometimes it can seem like a pipe dream for a bride to be calm and collected on her wedding day, but I think even I ended up being more worried that everything would be perfect!

Heidi was a pleasure to be around that day — As any wedding day would be incomplete without a few snags here and there (Question: how do you keep a cowboy boot attached to a newborn’s foot?), Heidi stayed composed and unfazed throughout the afternoon leading up to their ceremony. (Answer: duct tape!)

When I met up with Tucker, he and his groomsmen we’re entertaining the resort staff with their jokes and antics. Having never met before, I felt immediately welcomed by Tucker’s sense of humor and his multiple offers to have a drink with them.

Their ceremony was held outdoors overlooking the pond at Triplebrook, and their reception was held just up the hill in Triplebrook’s (really pretty neat) open-air pavilion.

Double S Diner catered the event with their famous smoked foods (my mouth is watering as I type this. Seriously!), they had a great variety of tunes for all musical tastes to appreciate, and I only spilled lemonade all over myself once the entire night (Heidi, you’re a saint).

Congratulations, Heidi and Tucker, and thanks for having me! 

Triplebrook Campground Wedding 2017-1.jpg

Triplebrook Campground Wedding 2017-23.jpg

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