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They Planned Their Andover New Jersey Wedding in Two Weeks!

When I got the message asking if I could photograph a wedding two weeks from that day, I didn’t ask questions. But when I met Richard and Bob at the Crossed Keys Inn in Andover, NJ, I learned that they put the entire wedding together in just over two freaking weeks.

They had no band, no caterer, no venue… 

Having planned my own wedding, I don’t even think my wife and I could decide on what the RSVPs should look like in under two weeks, let alone finding a venue, booking a photographer, getting a cake, getting suits, buying, sending, and receiving RSVPs… these guys are true unsung heroes in the wedding planning industry!

But as great as these guys are, they’re that much more humble. They attributed the success of their day to the generosity of their family and friends, transforming the Andover Borough Fire Department’s hall into a classy representation of their collective tastes and talents.

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