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Beachfront Wedding in New Haven, Connecticut

“It’s about damn time!”

That seemed to be the overall sentiment at my cousin Neil’s wedding to Karen, a member of our family for much longer than she’s been legally obligated to be. Caity and I were graciously invited up to New Haven for a “casual brunch” on the beach to watch Karen and Neil tie the knot.

When we arrived at Anthony’s Ocean View, we were presented with buckets of flip flops with a sign encouraging us to pick out a pair to make beach-walking easier. Next to these was a bucket with brushes to wipe the sand off of our feet when we returned from the ceremony.

Love this idea for a beach wedding. ? Brush the beach from your feet!

The beach was speckled with big comfy chairs and love seats, with a few areas of more-traditional seating on either side of the aisle. Ornamental starfish adorned the chuppah (or “wedding arch” — my wife and I love to debate the proper nomenclature), and the marina could be seen behind.

The groom was accompanied by my grandfather who at [age redacted] -years-old still acts like a child to his wife (to everyone else’s amusement!). The Iz (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole) version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” played while the bridal procession proceeded.

I don’t remember what he was accused of losing, but this smug look runs in my family. ?

And there you have it, folks — we have a marriage!

The details of this wedding were unbelievable. The bridesmaid bouquets even matched the sandal buckets!

The first dance.

To shove cake in her face, or to not shove cake in her face… that is the question.

I’ll let you imagine what happened next.

Can we just talk about my cousin for a minute? He was by far one of the best dressed people there. Arguably Top 5.

…And of course it wouldn’t be a blog of mine (lately) without an obligatory 360º photo! You’ll notice that the setup in this scene actually wasn’t for this wedding… the venue had already broken down the current wedding and set up the next! If you’re facing the beach, look to the right and you’ll see the remnants of the wedding still setup.

If you’re viewing this from a phone, just move your device around to explore this photo (or use your finger to drag around the scene). From a computer, you can use your mouse. For your nerds out there, this also supports Google Cardboard!

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