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It Works Global “One Team One Mission” in Whippany, NJ

New Jersey’s largest It Works! Global event — the 2014 One Team One Mission in Whippany, NJ

Holy cow. If you’ve never been in a room with 300 crazy, excited people before, then I’d suggest getting to one of these events as quickly as possible.

Kim Haber — a Presidential Diamond leader with It Works! Global, a top-earner in the company, and the mother of my lovely fiancé Caity — hired me to shoot New Jersey’s largest-ever It Works! Wrap party. “What’s a wrap,” you might be saying out loud to yourself (hopefully I didn’t embarrass you too much!) Basically, it’s a cloth that can be applied anywhere on the body from the neck down, and it tightens, tones, and firms loose skin, but the kicker is that It Works! Global distributors are the only folks in the world who have them! Pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, the company’s #1 money-earner, Kami Dempsey, flew out from Michigan to present some information on the company, highlighting the products, the business, and some of the top leaders in our area. 

Shelby, Kami, Kim, Misti and Rob

We also got a surprise visit Shelby Bowman, another Presidential Diamond leader from Utah, who we got to spend some time with prior to the event. It’s pretty fascinating learning from someone so young (she’s younger than Caity and I) who makes more in a month on average than I made in 8 months working in retail.

To those of you asking what these pictures were for, the answer is a little more complicated than just “memories.” Not only did I do my best to capture the excitement of everyone in the room, but if you’re in any of these, I’d encourage you to save and share any of my photos on Facebook. You can never have enough marketing materials for your business, and I’d be so glad if any of them could prove to be helpful to you, your team, and your future. Feel free to tag me if we’re friends, and add me if you’re not, or just link to my photography Facebook page, Dan Schenker Photography.

Caity up on stage with Kami. Shameless plug!

I’d like to thank Kim for putting this event together, Kami and Shelby for inviting us to hang out with them for some mentorship, Misti and Rob Dawson for always treating us like family, and of course Caity, because I’m just super proud of her. :)

Below are some of my favorite photos from the event,

and click here to see them all.

Note: Be sure to click the images to open them in a larger view if you’d like to save them to your computer.

Leave me a comment on this post if you were at this event, and feel free to introduce yourself if we didn’t meet there!


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