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Hawk’s Nest, October 2013

I’ve been taking (now) weekly trips up to Hawk’s Nest, a winding scenic byway overlooking the Delaware River outside of Port Jervis, NY, looking to see if the Fall colors have turned. Fortunately for me, the area is so incredible that it hasn’t been a waste of a trip any time that I’ve gone!

After having done a bit more research, I found out that Hawk’s Nest has been a favorite for bikers and Sunday drivers — even Porsche has spent some time on this incredible road. It was dedicated as a landmark in the 1930’s, then rededicated just 11 years ago. Not bad for a 150-year-old, ex-one lane dirt road!

On my way up to Hawk’s Nest (about a 30 minute drive from home), I couldn’t help but stop to admire the High Point Monument from the roadside. Aptly named, the monument stands at the tallest point in New Jersey. Other than one recent trip with Tim Kauger, a local auto and UrBex photographer, I hadn’t been to High Point since I was a Cub Scout (Yes, I can admit that!) Sure, it’s a standard obelisk, similar to the Washington Monument, but there’s just something impossibly impressive about it.



Where should I go on my next adventure? 

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