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What Do You Dream About?

Let me explain — I’m not talking about Sharknadoes or unicorns and other fantastical things that you encounter during REM sleep. I mean what do you really, truly dream  about?  Are you guilty of not doing this? Yep — me too.

In my side job, a little part time thing with Caity, I was asked to name ten things that I dream about, I have as goals, or just things that I could see for myself in my future. Well, as those of you that know me might have guessed, I bombed this question. Really, really badly. I got about three questions in before I gave up and skipped the question. But why did this happen? I consider myself a creative person by nature, so why couldn’t I come up with the things I dream about?

The answer is that I’ve never been encouraged to dream. My parents have always supported me in everything I did (aside from maybe spitting on my mom — ONCE — when I was little), but in general, the society that we live in doesn’t encourage its people to dream big. When was the last time that you left your 9-5 and thought, “I make exactly what I’m worth. With the money I’m saving by working here, I’ll be able to buy my dream house!” I’m going to venture a guess and bet that you’ve never said that. Instead of dreaming, we’re forced to shrink that dream home we always wanted and replace it with a mediocre home that we can afford. We settle by nature.

With that said, my eyes were forced open by this little ten-question quiz, as I was being asked  to dream. Encouraged to step back and examine what I wanted out of life. So you know what? Here’s what I dream about:


This is ridiculous. Seriously, who has houses like this? Image via Pinterest.

This is ridiculous. Seriously, who has houses like this?
Image via Pinterest.

1. A BOSS House

How crazy is that house? I’m sure you’ve seen something like it on MTV Cribs (is that still around?) or the Real Housewives of _______, but have you ever REASONABLY pictured yourself living in a place like this? I say, “Why not?” I want to live in a place with Caity that I can be proud of. A house like this isn’t an overcompensation, but an accomplishment.

Canon 5D Mark IIIImage: Canon 

Canon 5D Mark III

Image: Canon 

2. A New Camera

Come on now — who didn’t see this one coming? Honestly though, photography makes me happy. Why shouldn’t I dream about getting new gear? 

Unfortunately, this is what I'd look like on a beach on the Galapagos Islands. Image: Pinterest

Unfortunately, this is what I’d look like on a beach on the Galapagos Islands.
Image: Pinterest

3. Visiting Another Continent

I’ve been lucky enough to travel all around the United States, from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the middle of the Pacific, as well as to our neighbors to both the North and the South, but I’ve never made it past North America. I’d love to spend a week or two abroad. China and Japan sound cool., or maybe Brazil. How about Somewhere in Europe? The world is massive, and I’ve still got plenty of time left on it. I’d love to explore across the globe with Caity (and Pepper, if she’d be a little nicer!)

No caption necessary.

No caption necessary.

4. Buying a Car

Here’s another accomplishment. When you buy your first new  car, you’ve proven that you’re responsible enough to save money, you’ve built credit, and you’ve bumped yourself up an imaginary class.

I’ll admit, I wouldn’t know what to do with a car like that Lamborghini above. I guess I’d just have to learn how to drive stick!

Get it? Get it?

Get it? Get it?

5. Getting Over Myself

If you don’t have to worry about this, I truly envy you. Now, this is a bit different from the last few since it’s not a physical thing . I’m guilty of getting caught up in whatever it is that’s going on in my mind, and situation-depending, I just can’t get past it. I am the only person holding myself back from achieving what I know I’m capable of.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

6. Being a Leader

Just ask my parents — I’ve never found it easy to work with or for other people. But when it comes to pointing others in the right direction, or motivating them to push on, I’ve found that I really, honestly enjoy this. When I see someone’s face light up at the exact moment when what I said “clicks,” it’s a pretty cool feeling. I’d like to further develop myself into a better leader.

She's an adorable little monster, isn't she?

She’s an adorable little monster, isn’t she?

7. Training Pepper

This is weirdly important to me. With help, we’ve taught her to sit (95%) and lay down (75%), but this dog is just too smart for her own good. I’d love to be able to get her trained by a professional so there’s no more crate-escaping tricks in the future.

These guys just can’t keep their hadoukens to themselves.

My blurry parents with the blurry dog.

No, they’re actually timid and quiet. Yeah, okay…

Unique Photo ain’t nothin’ but a thang.

8. Spending More Time With Friends and Family

I know — sappy, right? But it’s true — I’ve kept myself crazy  busy these past few years, and I’d love to just — I don’t know — relax . My friends and family are the people that make me most happy and keep me positive, so I plan to surround myself with those people most special to me. These folks bring out the best of my personality, so I’d be doing the world a favor by accomplishing this goal!

Taken in somewhere, Virginia.

Taken in somewhere, Virginia.

9. Going on an EPIC Road Trip

Caity and I have tackled a few 15+ hour trips now, but we’ve definitely been bitten by the rad trip bug. I don’t care where we go or for how long, but it needs to be epic. This is a requirement. 

How good looking is one person in this photo?

How good looking is one person in this photo?

10. Marrying My Best Friend

Now keep your pants on folks — we can’t nearly afford this right now, but hey — when is there ever a “perfect” time for anything? Caity and I have discussed this before, and I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, my business partner, my confidante, and the “mother” of our little monster.

We’ve been through thick and thin — plus everything in between — and this is bound to happen one day. So if you’re reading this, consider yourself invited. And if you’re not, then you’re dumb, you smell, and you’re ugly. But I still like you. :)

So there they are, laid out across the large table that is the internet. Hey, if I wanted to step way outside my comfort zone, I might as well do it on the largest public forum in the world, right?

Now that I’ve shared my dreams, I’d love to hear some of yours. I was encouraged to share my dreams and I hope that you’ll feel motivated to do so as well. If you’ve never been asked to grow your dreams instead of your income, then now’s your time to shine! Looking forward to hearing from you!


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