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One Team One Mission, Rockaway, New Jersey

What an exciting day!  I’ve shot plenty of events before, but this was the first I’d actually been specifically asked to come do. Below, you’ll find over 100 photos from the It Works! Global One Team One Mission in Rockaway, New Jersey. This event was the first of its kind to come to New Jersey, brought here by Kim Haber, a New Jersey local and a Triple Diamond Executive with the company. Pam Sowder, Co-Owner and Director of Marketing at It Works! Global, gave a rousing presentation about the company, its products, and its “extended family,” the independent distributors that sell It Works products. 


Pam Sowder, Ronda Hartman, and Ray Hartman

Pam Sowder, Ronda Hartman, and Ray Hartman

Along with Kim and Pam, one couple was invited up from Georgia to share their story with the company.  Ronda and Ray Hartman, a distributor couple with It Works, shared their success story with the room of about 250 guests.

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Double Diamond Executive John Piscopo laughs at one of Pam’s jokes.

Lastly, I’d like to make a few quick shout-outs because I can! Kim Haber — Thanks for inviting me to be the photographer at your event. As you can see, I had a ton of fun! Pam, Ronda, and Ray —  It was so great meeting all you. I’m already looking forward to the next one! And to my girlfriend, Caity Mets — Thanks for introducing me to this awesome company. The people involved have caused us to change ourselves for the better, both personally and financially. You’re rocking this!

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