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“End of the Run” Celebration, It Works! Global

Pam, Irene, Alicia, and Cara celebrating.

Last night, I was invited to photograph the “End of the Run” party for the ladies and gentlemen of the “Making the Green Team,” a fun group of people working with my girlfriend Caity’s mom, Kim Haber. It Works! Global, a network marketing company in the health and wellness industry, offered up a chance to qualify for massive bonuses (in addition to monthly earnings and commissions), effective as of January 19th. They were given until the end of March to achieve certain company goals to qualify. Needless to say, these guys set their sights and ran towards the goal! I’m ridiculously proud to say that Caity is one of the many people in the room that received one of the company’s $10,000 bonuses! All of the people that were in that room deserve some serious congratulations for the efforts they put forth since January. If you know anyone involved, be sure to give them a shout out in the comments!

Alicia with her now-famous “Death by Chocolate” dessert. Om nom nom!

Caity and Alicia sharing a moment over dessert.

It’s all in the family! All three of these ladies received promotions last month.

The men of It Works!

Check out Michelle B.’s awesome logo cupcakes.

Caity – “You better not be asking for a bite of my Death by Chocolate…” [I love making up quotes!]

D’aww, it’s Alicia and Dan celebrating Alicia’s promotion.

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