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Five Day Photo Challenge: Day 3

Author’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Unique Photo Blog.

Inishowen, Ireland. Photograph by Dave Johnston, Your Shot (via National Geographic)

Today’s Challenge: Switch It Up

Let me guess: You’re an established portrait photographer who’s been working with the top celebrities in Hollywood. Or are you the one that’s been all around the world twenty times shooting the most exotic locations virtually unknown to man? Today, neither of those qualifications matter, or in layman’s terms, I don’t care! Today, your challenge is to break free from your norm. Similarly to Day 1, you need to take whatever you’re used to and stomp all over it. So, if you’re that awesome celebrity star-tographer, your assignment is to shoot a beautiful landscape. And you, Mr. and Mrs. Jetsetter, should take on a still life. Maybe ask your pet to pose for you or something.

Luckily, this challenge doesn’t require much skill or preparation. Just get up and go! That’s the purpose of these things, right? Stimulate that creativity that’s brewing inside you. Have fun with this! Here’s an example: You’re a landscape photographer. You take a photo at sunset with a friend standing in frame. His or her form will silhouette against the background, creating a dramatic portrait. Yes, you read that right: a portrait. See, you did it! It’s not as hard as it sounds to change styles. It’s all about — wait for it — creativity!

Now it’s your turn! Go out, switch up your style, and flex that creative muscle of yours! Remember to be safe, have fun, and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do! Post your results in the comments below.

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